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Clarity is an often overlooked point of design that deserves just as much attention as your choice of font or colour. A clear design is one that works well. It gets your point across quickly and has a greater impact.

How can you achieve clarity?

1. Keep It Simple:

Focus on your key message and cut out any unnecessary extras or clutter that just gets in the way. You only have a limited amount of space in which to make your point, so don’t waste it on unnecessary information. Give the reader the key points and your web address and contact details so that they can find out more.

2. Break It Up:

Even when your space is limited, it is important to let some of it simply stay blank. People find text much easier to process when it is broken up into short bullet points or brief paragraphs. Keeping some empty space around the borders and between different images and sections of text can also help to create a clearer, more attractively balanced design. A clear design, broken up into well-spaced, manageable chunks will be much easier for people to understand and remember.

3. Make It Easy:

Keeping your message simple and breaking it up can help, but there are few more design tricks you can use to make it easy for your audience to get the point. The size, colour and font of your text needs to be easily readable and there should be a clear path for the eye to follow through the whole design. Get someone with a fresh pair of eyes to check it for you. You might also want to consider providing more accessible versions, such as large print texts for people with visual impairments. You want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to get your message.