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We recently celebrated International Print Day and got chatting with loads of other professionals in the print industry.

After tweeting a statistic that ‘56% of consumers think that print is the most trustworthy type of marketing’ we were asked by event organisers @PrintMediaCentr, how we can increase this figure to 100%?

While there’s no doubt that 56% is a really strong figure in an increasingly digital landscape, we got to thinking about how we can improve this….

Take a look at some of our thoughts.

1. Strong designGreat quality design works! By providing customers with a great looking piece of print they will see results instantly & be more likely to trust in the power of print.

2. Show off your companies personalityCustomers are much more likely to trust a print company they like!

3. Be active onlinePrint companies can still embrace the benefits of digital marketing too and social media is a great tool to position yourself as a trusted & professional source.

4. Be easily contactableIt’s essential for customers to be able to quickly and easily reach you to talk about their project & discuss print requirements.

5. Be moral – Any company who is fair and shows that they care about their customers will instantly be seen as more trustworthy.

6. Follow through with your promise Provide customers with a print product in the time agreed and that does what it claims to do.

7. Provide customers with correct, complete & unbiased information When clients trust the information they’re presented with, they are less likely to go elsewhere.

8. Provide a quality product and service People want to feel confident that their print products are of a good quality. If you provide customers with a great service they will be more likely to rely on print marketing again and again.

9. Respect customers security and privacy Data privacy is increasingly a key concern for consumers so remember to safely store any customer information and payment details. People want to know that a company has their best interests in mind and with this comes trust.

Do you agree? Do you think print is the most trustworthy type of marketing or do you still rely on digital? Tweet us at @_ProDesignPrint and let us know!