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An eye-catching exhibition stand is a good way to draw exhibition crowds, but if your stand isn’t branded, what’s the point? Exhibitions aren’t just about showcasing your products or services, they’re also about showcasing your business brand.

Your Stand

In terms of your exhibition stand, therefore, it’s important to create a design that uses elements of your existing company branding material. Colours, fonts, images, and logos should all be incorporated into your stand design. However, exhibition stand branding goes a lot further than the purely visual.

Your stand also needs to communicate the right messages about your company values and the way you do business. Even stand design can go some way towards achieving this. For example, if your way of doing business relies on creating strong long-term relationships with clients, providing a small seating area for informal chats with potentials can help communicate this. On the other hand, if you’re about providing fast and efficient while-you-wait service, you might decide to forgo the seating in favour of some eye-catching design elements.

Your Staff

Your staff provide your business with a human face that can immediately put potential customers and contacts at ease. They should communicate willingness and ability to help, to provide information, and to engage exhibition goers, and should also be able to communicate whatever it is you want to say about your business and your brand, whether it’s a warm and friendly customer experience, or a fast-paced dynamic one.

An Opportunity You Can’t Afford to Miss

When you take your business to an exhibition or any other kind of event, you’re exposing your brand to a huge number of potential clients. There may be hundreds of people in the exhibition space looking for new business connections, and you have the chance to engage with them. So it’s not enough to have a presence at an exhibition; your presence has to be branded, and that’s where a good custom stand design can really help you stand out.