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Trying to see your own design through another person’s eyes can be difficult, but it is important to think about how your target audience will experience the material you are creating. Thinking about how people will read the design is one of the ways you can ensure that your message is getting across clearly.

1. People Read Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Most of us will look at a design in the same way as we read a text, even if there aren’t that many words in it. We start out at the top left hand corner and then make our way across and down the page. Knowing this, we can put the most important information at the top of the page and assume that people will see what is on the left before what we put on the right.

2. People Skim Read:
When people see your design, particularly for the first time, they aren’t likely to read every word. We tend to skim read, skipping a lot of the text. It is therefore very important to make sure that the key points aren’t being missed. The most important information should be included in headings or marked out by a bigger, bolder font. Organising the text into short paragraphs or using bullet points can also help to keep the most important information in focus for the reader.

3. People Will Follow Your Lead:
You can direct the way that people read your design. Using numbered paragraphs, questions and answers, bullet points, or repeated patterns in your layout can help to guide people along the route you want them to take. Creating effective connections between different paragraphs or sections can ensure that people are getting the information in the order you choose, which can help to strengthen your message.