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Attending an exhibition can be a great move for your business, but if you want to make the most of the opportunity it is important to get your exhibition stands right. Your stand is a chance for you to make your presence known at the event and to present your brand to attendees who might become future partners, investors or customers. It needs to catch their attention and convince them to pay attention to what you have to say.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Making a big impression at a distance is important. Your stand should stand out from the rest and look intriguing from across the room. This will make people more likely to stop as they pass to see what your displays are about, or even to start making their way towards you from a distance. You can use colour in order to make your stand more eye-catching, especially if you use an unusual or easily identifiable shade in your product branding, but large, bold written signs or interesting shapes and designs can also work. Your logo, brand name or other recognisable designs should also be clearly visible from a distance, so that your staff, partners or people who are looking for your stand will be able to find easily it or to direct other people to it.

Have a Clear Message

Once you have brought people to your stand, you need to impress them with the material that you have on display. Try to come up with a clear idea of what your objectives are for the event and what image you want to create for your brand. This will help you to choose what information you need to include and what sort of design will work best.

Create a Visual Story

Exhibition stands usually work best when there is a visual focus, so try to keep the written material on the stand to a minimum. You can always hand out leaflets, brochures or other material when people ask for more information. Draw them in first with pictures and infographics that will impress them with your main message for the event. Do you want to tell them about a new product, entice them in with a special offer, or raise awareness of your brand’s charity work or history? Create a theme or story that ties everything together. Use it to draw people in and pull them along the path that you have created, from one image or bullet point to the next, until they have heard everything you have to say. Your display material should flow together so that people stay to see it all.

Keep People Interested

In addition to the printed materials that you set up, you can also use some other tricks to make your exhibition displays work. For example, you can hand out branded gifts or samples of your products, offer free water in branded bottles at a summer event, or offering an interesting activity or competition to keep people interested. You might also want to consider bringing your own lighting to highlight the most important sections of your display, or creating a comfortable seating area if you want to encourage people to spend longer reading your material.

Choose the Right Representatives

Creating effective exhibition stands is the best way to ensure that you are properly prepared for an event, but once you have finalised the design, had your ideas printed, and tested the set up so that you are ready for the big day, you can still do more to make sure that your exhibition will be a success. You can staff your exhibition stand with friendly, knowledgeable people who will make the most of the interest that your displays generate, and provide them with all of the marketing material, free gifts or samples that they need to make a strong impression.