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Getting graphic design right is important for any business. The way that we present ourselves to investors, partners and customers will determine how successful our relationships with these various audiences will be. We need to create a professional image that reflects what our brand is about if we are to convince people to part with their money and use our products.

Essential Tips for Graphic Design

When you start thinking about how you can use business graphic design to market your business or develop your brand, there are a few key pieces of advice that you will tend to come across. These tried and tested tips will help you to recognise designs that will work for your business:

1. Match your design choices to your brand. Every element of your designs says something about your brand, so make sure that the colours, fonts, images and other elements are saying the right thing. Should you be using bright colours, rounded lettering and a playful logo, or pale pastels, sophisticated scripts and a traditional logo? Only your intended audience and image can guide you.

2. Decide on colour and typography palettes to use across all of your print and online media. This will make your design decisions easier and help to create a consistent brand identity.

3. Create a recognisable logo. Make sure that it is simple enough to be memorable and that it will work across different media and in different sizes.

4. Use design elements to direct the viewer’s attention where you want it to go. The various elements, including the lines, shapes and spaces making up the overall design, their relative sizes, and the way that they are placed in the layout, can work together to draw people’s attention to the most important part.

5. Create a sense of harmony. The whole picture should come together in a great design. Elements such as spacing, symmetry, the repetition of identical or similar patterns and objects, and using variations on the same theme, can help to create an effective overall picture.

Making Your Designs Unique

In addition to these conventional wisdoms of business graphic design, there are a few more unusual tactics that you can use to get your brand recognised, although it is always best to work with an experienced designer when you want to try something a little more innovative.

1. Try telling a story or coming up with an unusual theme. People respond well to narratives and to ideas that are tied together by a single overarching theme, so see if you can find a way to appeal to these interests in your marketing or display material.

2. Put your business on the map. Your location could be a valuable asset if you have a shop or office in a well known location or near to a striking landmark. Look for ways to incorporate maps, pictures of the area or other hints as to where your customers can find you in your marketing material.

3. Cut down your designs. Minimalist designs tend to be more memorable and recognisable, so see what happens when you cut your logo or other design elements back to the bare minimum. Can you still recognise your brand?

4. Entice people into your material. Get people to pay attention, to read on, or to turn the pages in your marketing brochure by asking questions, hinting at what is to come, or ending the page on a cliffhanger. These tactics can hold people’s attention and make them into active consumers of your material.

5. Create interactive designs. Look for ways of incorporating elements such as QR codes into your designs, incorporate useful tools or information into your material so that people will carry it around, or include interesting elements like pull out tabs or origami instructions to make people smile and spend more time with your material.