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Printed marketing material is the collection of material that represents your brand and supports your sales. It can include brochures and product information sheets designed to inform customers and assist salespeople, as well as material that you send out to represent you at events or when you make contact with investors or the media. Along with your products, and the initial advertising that you use to catch people’s attention, your marketing collateral is responsible for creating your brand in the eyes of the public.

You can use your printed marketing collateral for a range of different purposes, all with the ultimate aim of selling your products or services. Marketing material can be used to communicate with your customers, potential new customers, investors, employees, the media and the public. The materials that you use will often be the main way that people learn about your business, giving them a deeper insight into your products and values than they will get from their first impressions of your adverts. You need to get your marketing collateral right if you want to turn interest into sales.

Creating Effective Printed Marketing Material

Marketing material should be persuasive. It should provide readers with all of the detailed information that they need to make the decision and take the call to action that you are trying to promote. You can achieve this by using a combination of rational persuasion and effective design to make readers think and feel that buying your products, investing in your company, or writing a news story about you, will be the right choice.

Your marketing material will be more effective if you maintain a consistent style across all of the material. Using the same combinations of colours, logos and typography will tie the material together, developing a stronger brand image. It will also make it much easier for people to recognise that the material is linked to your business, and for them to become familiar with your brand and what it represents. If you think about some of the brands that you find easiest to recognise, you will probably find that they use very strong and consistent branding, so you should keep your marketing collateral consistent with itself and with the design choices made in your advertising and in other publications such as letterheads and business cards.

What Printed Marketing Material Do You Need?

The printed marketing material needed by individual businesses will vary, but there are some key items that almost every business is going to need at some point:
Company Fact Sheet: a basic sheet of information about your business, covering details such as when it was founded, where you are located, what you do, and how you can be contacted, can be very useful for handing out with press releases or to potential employees or investors. Biographical fact sheets for the founders, senior manager or board of directors can also be useful, although you may be able to include some of this information in the company fact sheet.
Product Fact Sheets or Brochures: a basic description of each of your products or services, explaining what it is, what makes it unique, and why people should buy it, can help sales people to learn about what they are selling or be handed out to other interested parties, such as customers or new investors.
Leaflets: leaflets provide similar information about your business and products, but in a more customer-friendly way. They may be responsible for a customer’s first impression of your business, but can also be mailed or handed out to those who need more time to make a decision. You can also create similarly impressive company brochures to hand out to potential partners or investors.
Press Kit: a standard press kit can contain copies of your business and product fact sheets, a personalised introductory letter, a business card, a list of articles already published about your company, and any other relevant material, alongside a press release, all carefully branded with your logo.