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Shop owners have a difficult time making their own retail spaces stand out, and making a strong first impression is more important than ever. Retail signage is one way to achieve this, and light boxes are ideal too, not only because of their ability to draw attention to sales displays, but also because they are powerful tools for increasing sales of targeted products.

Light and Colour is a Powerful Combination

Retailers who already use light boxes know just how effective they are, but if you’ve never tried them out before, they’re definitely a good prospect. Light boxes are so effective, in fact, that they’re widely considered one of the most powerful forms of advertising media a retailer can employ.

Numerous market research studies have shown that the combination of light and colour is a hugely powerful promotional tool. Illuminated posters are far more effective at promoting sales than unilluminated versions of the same posters, and when light boxes are viewable from outside a shop, they’re more effective at driving customer footfall than unilluminated material.

A Wide Variety of Shape and Size Options

Whatever your retail requirements in terms of size and shape, it’s virtually guaranteed that there’s at least one light box model to provide the perfect fit. From standard poster sizes to customised boxes several metres square, there’s no retail space that’s too large or too small. For extra large spaces, placing several adjacent light boxes provides a novel way of creating a sizeable display, or even telling a story. And light boxes can be designed as thin as two to three centimetres deep, which means minimal space intrusion, and an illuminated display that stands out without being bulky.

Suitable for Both Indoor and Outdoor Use

Light boxes are ideal for promotional advertising within retail spaces, but they’re also ideal for outdoor advertising too. Light boxes designed for outdoor use can be customised with robust materials that can withstand outdoor environments, including lockable front covers with rubber seals to provide water-proofing, and UV-resistant glass to prevent fading of display material.

Low Maintenance and Cost Effective Advertising

Many retailers mistakenly think that light boxes require a significant time spent on upkeep, but in fact, the opposite is true. Most light boxes are illuminated with LEDs, a form of lighting that’s virtually maintenance-free, and has a lifespan of around 50,000 hours. In terms of a normal level of retail use, that typically translates into around 15 years, so while light boxes may have a higher up-front cost than some other forms of in-store advertising, they’re actually highly cost-effective.

Light boxes are cost-effective for another reason too: they’re robustly designed and have no fragile or moving parts, which means that they’re not sensitive to vibrations or similar disturbances. They’re not sensitive to temperature either, and are equally effective at both high and low extremes. All of that means that light boxes are ideal in a very wide range of locations and retail settings; there’s virtually no retail location in which this form of advertising isn’t effective and efficient.