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All businesses, small or large, and in any industry, can benefit from solid attention to branding. Creating a business identity is an important part of establishing good customer relationships, because having a strong identity helps customers feel that they know your business, which in turn helps build trust. Printed marketing materials are hugely important in business branding, because they’re items that are used on a daily basis, and serve to continually reinforce your organisation’s identity.

Letterhead And Envelopes

Before the internet and the ubiquity of email, it was normal practice for businesses to use letterhead and branded envelopes, but these things aren’t quite so common any more. Making a small investment in quality stationery is a good way to impress, however, simply by virtue of its relative rarity in the internet age. And many organisations still hew to older practices of mailing invoices and certain other kinds of correspondence, and using branded items—especially for B2B organisations—is a sound decision.

Business Cards

There are very few organisations—including both small businesses and sole traders—that won’t benefit from having professional business cards. Handing out a business card, whether it’s when meeting with clients during work hours, or at a professional or social event, is a solid way to forge a link with the recipient.

Posters And Promotionals

Go large with printed posters to promote retail sales, discounts, and other promotions and special offers. Graphics tend to get more notice in the larger format, making them ideal for drawing attention to limited-time opportunities.

Then there are those items that people are happy to take home with them if they’re offered: catalogues, brochures, coupons, menus, postcards, and other small items that can both reinforce a brand identity and serve as a point of contact or as an encouragement to make additional purchases at a later date. The smaller size means that many people pick them up out of habit, making them perfect to offer at the point of sale.

Direct Mail Items

Most people find it easy to ignore email, but it’s harder to discount those physical items that are mailed out—and that’s one reason why direct mail still has a superior response rate in comparison to email marketing. The relative rarity of direct mail makes it much more of a stand-out than it used to be, and putting your brand and your message directly into the hands of your customers is still a highly effective method of reinforcement.