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Vehicle wraps are a highly cost effective form of advertising: a good quality wrap lasts for years, and provides high-impact advertising that is noticed, remembered, and even talked about.

Keeping your message simple

One of the most important aspects of getting a vehicle wrap is simply choosing the message you want to convey. And in terms of that message, there’s one rule: less is more. When you’re driving your branded vehicle around town, people typically only have a few seconds to see your branding and your advertising message, so it has to be short and sweet. A few words and your company logo are the most that the majority of people will have time to absorb, which means it’s vital that the message be simple and memorable.

Permanent versus removable wraps

Vehicle wraps are designed to last for variable amounts of time, with the time typically depending on the type of adhesive used to secure them. If you’re a sole trader thinking of branding your personal vehicle, or your sole company vehicle, it’s important to consider how long you plan to own that particular vehicle, and choose your wrap accordingly.

Full versus partial wraps

A fully-wrapped vehicle can look amazing, but partial wraps are cheaper, simpler to design, and tend to be a bit more durable. Mainly this is because full wraps may cover vehicle features like bumpers and handles, which weather more quickly and may need a touch-up or partial replacement. One particular advantage of full wraps, however, is that the wrap protects the vehicle’s paint job, and this can help preserve the vehicle’s resale value.

As well as this, if your wrap design is intended for multiple vehicles of more than one model, a full wrap may not be appropriate, especially if the design is particularly intricate or relies on particular features of the vehicle model.