Why Large Format Print?

Sometimes bigger is better and occasions such as events and exhibitions rely on something large in scale and stature to deliver key business goals. Large advertising displays also require design expertise that will both tell a story about your company and make the most of the space available.

Billboards, advertising stands, point of sale, exhibition displays and roller banners all require a design that considers the implications of a large space and takes into account the business requirements.

Need help with your Large Format Print Design?

When looking for a design for large format print using an experienced industry professional could make a real difference to the end result. An experienced design company will take the time to understand your aims and objectives and match them to a suitable design that works on a large scale.

Space considerations, room capacity and how the design flows when viewed head-on are all key aspects when briefing on a large format print project. We will ask the right questions so that both print design and end product exceed your expectations.