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Fabric Banners

From university campuses to corporate parking lots, fabric banners are more common than many people realize. Durable and colorful, Project Design Print's fabric banners are an option businesses can't go wrong exploring.

Fabric banners can be washed and then stored for long periods of time before being brought back out. Made with a unique combination of specialised ink and heating after printing, the banner is scuff-resistant as well. Furthermore, putting them into a car and moving them to a new office location is a simple task. Since they're made from fabric, you won't see the permanent folds and creases associated with standard paper banners.

Whether suspended from a flagpole or hanging across an entrance, a little wind or rain isn't going to harm these banners. In fact, businesses won't have to worry about replacing the materials for a good while after getting these.

We provide bespoke polyester flags.

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