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PVC Banners

PVC banners differ from commercials or radio ads in that at first glance they seem more passive, but if you've ever happened to notice a banner while idling at a red light, then you've already personally experienced the power of banners.

To harness some of this advertising potential for yourself, look no further than Project Design Print's PVC banners.

A particularly compelling feature of these banners is that they can handle harsh conditions. The material is capable of being hung outside of buildings, hoisted on walls, and suspended in the air without causing any stress to the material. You can get as detailed or general with the graphics as you want with no issues concerning the quality. Put simply, the PVC banner is an advertising medium that's capable of handling rain, wind, or sunshine.

Our PVC banner types include 440gsm PVC, 340gsm Mesh, 500gsm PVC, and 740gsm PVC.

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