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Rigid Signage

In a world where people are bombarded by ads from morning until midnight, there's something to be said for the straightforward simplicity of rigid signage. Bold, colorful, and fully customisable in terms of graphics, these prints have an instant impact on prospects. With several materials for customers to choose from, Project Design Print's rigid signage is a worthwhile investment.

To start, rigid signage is much more permanent than the alternatives. This makes it an excellent choice for office or building fixtures as well as for highlighting sponsors or advertising in gyms and arenas. Rigid signage will stay put and won't get displaced or damaged easily even with a lot of activity occurring around it. Furthermore, permanent pieces placed in prominent positions like this have a way of projecting a more serious image for an instant credibility boost.

We offer rigid signage in printed DiBond, Foamex, and Correx.

Discover what rigid signage can do for you today.