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Folded Flyers & Leaflets

According to some sources, the popularity of folded leaflets goes back to the early days of mass printing. It's not hard to see why, because folded leaflets simply hold more information.

Contribute to the illustrious history of the folded leaflet with the help of Project Design Print's customized folded leaflets.

For many companies, educating clients on your products and services may be half the battle, but getting one-on-one face time with prospects isn't easy. Folded leaflets are useful because they offer enough print space for you to provide that information at a low cost per piece.

In addition, you could be one of the best in your field, but without business literature, convincing prospects of that can be difficult. Folded leaflets project professionalism from the first interaction you have with colleagues and future clients.

Our folded leaflets primarily come in two forms: 6pp and 8pp.

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