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Perfect Bound Booklets

Normally we'd say that all of our booklets are perfectly bound, but in this context "perfectly bound" refers to the practice of binding pages with glue at the spine. If you've been to a bookstore and seen a soft cover novel, then you've seen a perfectly bound book.

Project Design Print's perfectly bound booklets will get you that sleek, high end, professional look in no time at all.

For reference documents, company manuals, or any business materials that need to last for a long time, perfect binding has the advantage of being durable. In addition, for longer written materials, it's an option that's generally more affordable than opting for a hard cover. It's also flexible in the sense that perfectly bound booklets are able to easily accommodate both smaller and larger print runs.

We offer perfectly bound booklets in 210 x 210, A4, A5, A6, and DL sizes.