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Wiro Bound Booklets

If you're looking for more ways to combine documents together in a single, professional package, Project Design Print's wiro binding, or spiral binding, is one of the most common approaches businesses can use to accomplish exactly that.

One benefit of this is the fact that wiro bound documents are able to lay flat. So if you're making a presentation or offer people a piece of business writing that they can easily take notes on, wiro binding is hard to beat from a practical standpoint.

Wiro binding also allows you to make further adjustments. If you decide to go for a wiro bound booklet, it's possible to customise it with covers made from thicker materials with clear protective covers. This makes it an ideal choice for materials such as manuals or customised recipe books.

We offer 210 x 210, 148 x 148, A4, A5, A6, and DL.

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